Native / Crossplatform
Mobile apps development
Cross-platform development of mobile apps on Flutter
From 2 months
From 10 000 USD
Native development of mobile apps for a single platform on React Native / swift / object-c / kotlin / java
From 2 months
From 8 000 USD for one platform separately
From 15 000 USD for iOS and Android together
Development of Minimum Viable Product
From 2 weeks
From 5 000 USD
Applications testing
From 2 weeks
From 1 000 USD
Creating a unique mobile apps design
From 2 weeks
From 1 500 USD
Some cases
Alliance Rental
Mobile application for online premium car rental service.
Key results:
  • The mobile application was recovered from a completely non-working state.
  • Modules for customers, drivers, and support were developed.
  • Built-in navigation modules; tariff and payment systems; module for additional sales of goods in cars.
Key benefits for business:
  • New VIP taxi service added to the core client’s portfolio.
  • Improved rates in app stores.
  • 100% positive feedback from the client.
Some cases
  • In two months, from scratch a new mobile application on Flutter was developed.
  • Fully working video chat and in-app purchases.
  • Aimoto has released a new line of watches along with a mobile application.
Some cases
A smart heater with the functionality  of cryptocurrencies’ mining.
Key results:
  • Brought the product to international markets.
  • Developed scaling documentation.
  • Full-cycle project completed: HW, Software, Design.
  • Technological reserve for new products completed.
  • User's support system developed.
Key benefits for business:
  • The product has been released on crowdfunding platforms.
  • Negotiations started to attract investments.
  • Intellectual property has been passed to the client.
  • Full support to the client on the production stage.
  • Successful certification in US and Canadian market.
Some cases
The first electronic wallet for the Republic of Azerbaijan.
  • Integrated implementation and design of front-end architecture.
  • The application is designed for millions of users.
  • The application implements work with platform-dependent code: reading contacts, QR scanning, biometrics, card reading via NFC and camera, etc.
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